First excerpts from the Dylan autobiography

Hope that works................
wonder who the author is...
Somebody talented,the writing is a giveaway.
Wow! Who would have ever thought Dylan would speak this way. I'm impressed with his humanity. Cannot wait for my copy to arrive. Thanks for the post Ben.
No problem Patrick-I make a daily visit to my local bbokshop to see if my order is in....and it's not due here in the UK till mid October...
It's coming out here on Oct. 12. Can't wait!
Actually, came out today in the US! Just picked up a copy this afternoon. 30% off at Borders.

For those who care, there is also a new interesting book on Dylan and Leonard Cohen.
There are great reviews of Dylan's book in the New York Times and USA Today. For the NYT review, you will have to register (free) and it can be accessed through the Dylan site.
Dare I say having finished it today the book is astounding.

After reading it seemed every other book about Dylan somehow caged the art,this just busts everything wide open.

Remarkable,succint,wise and a trap in there for Dylanologists everywhere with what seems to me to be a fake section.

Funny as hell and without doubt the best book about Dylan.
My book came to roost here on Sunday. I'm finding it a pretty darn good read although his memory is either photographic or he has taken some liberty in describing places in exacting detail to give the reader a feel for what it was like. Based upon the "recommended" reading list scattered throughout the first part of the book I suspect the later. Passion and a developing tunnel vision are common characterists of genius artists. Dylan may not be the myth that shaped his persona for the audience but he is most certainly a genius.
Patrick I think you are dead right with your remarks regarding his photographic memory-I think he is trying to evoke both the feel and importance of what he was going through.

Similarly I think the book could be subtitled Catalysts as the theme of this first volume is very much about certain periods where outside factors influenced his work.

His golden periods (arguably-64-66 and 74-76)are probably more self generated.
This IS a great read!! And it is now #8 selling non-fiction book in the US (according to Publishers Weekly)!