Finding original shipping containers?

Would like to tap into ya'll's vast audio knowledge. Where in the world would one find the original shipping containers for Infinity Kappa 8's. I have contacted Infinity, but there are none left at the factory. Anyone with any ideas?
LOL - I would suggest contacting a local custom corrugated manufacturer and have a carton produced - will cost a bit, but with foam inserts will be as good or better than originals. Cheers, Steve
I agree with the message above. You should have the boxes custom made. It will cost more, but it will ensure safe transit. People buy high end audio equipment and often discard the original packaging. This is a mistake. Not only does the OEM require it for shipment back to the factory, but audiophiles like myself refuse to purchase high end audio equipment without it. Good luck!
You're absolutely right about the original packaging. Shoot, when my wife and I purchased the Kappa's we thought it was definetly our last speaker. Little did we know there was a whole world out there with much better speakers. I really appreciate both of your suggestions. I will be looking around in our small city to see if anyone will construct a custom shipping container. All the best to you's guy's