Find a speaker cable for Pass Labs X250

Can anyone suggest a speaker cable for my X250.
I am currrently using Acoustic Zen matiix IC from X2.5 to X250. Please select one speaker cable for X250 to Pro Ac 1SC. Can I use Venture Reference/signature or Acoustic Zen Hologram. My budget is (US 1200).
Marty from Bound for Sound recommended the VMPS RM-40s and Silverline La Folia speakers to me, but I have not gotten around to listening to either one. He told me that they were a match made in heaven for what that is worth. The X-1 and X-250 that I own seem to work well with a lot of speakers, B&Ws, Piegas, Aerials that I have heard.

Happy Listening.
GO with the Holograms. you can probably get a good discount off of list from dealers on Agon.