FIM silver speaker cables

Anyone have any experience with FIM silver speaker cables. My speakers are jm lab mini utopias and my amp is an Art Audio Jota
Don't waste your money. Buy nice big zip cord and have a laugh on those who think that electrons care what kind of wire they are going thru.
Cantor- I can't disagree more strongly with Stevemj. I highly recommend FIM cables. I use the FIM Gold series in my audio system (also SET) and will be getting FIM Silver for my video system in the not too distant future. They are quite stiff and take some effort to install, and the amp terminals should be checked the next day to insure they haven't become loose as the cable relaxes. Other than those caveats, I don't know of a better cable. Just my .02.
Cantor, I have to concur with Jctubes. While I can't endorse FIM cables (because I haven't listened) there are a lot of cables that I would suggest. As always they are dependant on preference. I'd start with Acoustic Zen, Goertz (copper or silver - silver for mids/high). I have also heard great things about Stealth (silver ribbons), Silversmith and strangely enough Mapleshade - though I don't know if the MS would be up to the challenge. Each of the other cables I suggested are recognized for their honest delivery and open-ness. They won't candy coat anything. I suppose it all depends on what sound you are after. Cheers
I should add that I am also a big believer in high quality cables and have the FIM gold for my speakers at home. I was mainly interested in finding out how the silver compares for use in my NY apartment. Thanks for the general advice though.
i have had on audition for the past 2 weeks a pair of fim silver cables, connecting avalon eidolons to a jrdg 8ti. i am also trying matching power cords on the amp and my accuphase dc 330 pre/dac. the cables are a revelation. they do everything they are touted to do: widening and deepening the sound stage, providing superb detail, tightening and extending the bass and making vocals so life-like they're spooky. i'm almost afraid to try the gold version. i haven't reached any definite conclusions on the pc's yet but i'll be buying one set or another of fim's cables to replace my cardas neutral reference.
I thought someone had posted awhile back that the construction quality of the FIM cables was, shall we say, less than rigorous? Not true? Just curious, not trolling...
dkuipers: i find nothing objectionable about the "construction quailty" of fim cables. they are somewhat similar to the tara "the one" in constuction, tho the fim stuff is MUCH stiffer. i recommend having two people install the speaker cables to avoid any damage to terminals. once you getem' "pre-bent," they install relatively easily.
People who make statements about wire not making a difference are themselves the evidence that their hearing is...shall we say lacking.
Hi Cantor, I also use FIM gold cables and have not heard anything better with my SET amp. Have not heard the silver but was told it is close to the gold. I agree with Cornfedboy about the construction of this incredible sounding stiff as lead cable.
thanks to all for your help I'm ordering today
Hey Cantor, do us a favor, keep us posted with your opinion of the Silver series FIM, (since you will have tried both the Gold and the Silver). I have only tried/purchased the Gold series, and am also considering the Silver series for a small system at the lake cabin. Thanks in advance.