Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair

I have a FR-7 cartridge that got wacked in a move and looks bent. I was looking to send it in for repair. I see Soundsmith and cartridge_retipping-5 on ebay. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on this. 

I thought about buying a replacement (FR-7 or FR-7f) on ebay but considering the age of these cartridges thought I might be opening myself up to being in the same position I am now. Figured repair would be cheaper. 

I'm using on an FR-64 tonearm and a Brooks Berdan modded Oracle turntable with a Cotter SUT. In the time this has been down I've tried other cartridges but nothing has the magic of the FR cartridge.  Thanks in advance for any insights.
Dear lech, your ''info'' is confusing: ''all the carts which I used with
Orsonic'' clearly suggest more than one cart. Well you  don't
need the  caliper for only one cart (FR-7). Caliper is for ''copy'' of
one good adjusted cart. The eff. lenght (distance pivot -stylus tip)
 can be repeated by other carts. 
I own other cartridges. I will never use these cartridges. They were a stopgap because my Fidelity Research was damaged. They were failures in comparison. It’s like I bought a Yugo to get me to work after I crashed my Bentley. Now that the Bentley is fixed, I will no longer drive the Yugo. So, the Orsonic becomes a relic as well. If I find it, I’ll likely sell it along with the other cartridge. Which will remain nameless. I've never setup my own cartridge before so this will be an interesting learning experience.
So dear chakster, You can sell your Feickert and buy one plastic
caliper which you can use for all your carts/headshell combinaions.
The only thing you need to separte are your tonearms and headshlls
which you use with them.

Bad idea. I have about 10 different tonearms and about 20+ different cartridges. Feickert NG is precise tool for every turntable, cartridge and tonearm. I prefer to use universal devices and actually i paid fair price for my Dr. Feickert (well worth the investment). As i said earlier i use all geometries/alignments according to tonearm manufacturers specs (Baerwald for many tonearms and Stevenson for some of them). 

I have no idea what is "plastic caliper" ?

I have Technics overhang gauges (about 10 of them at least) as a cartridge/headshell holders (here is my cartridge with it), but for my technics turntables and technics tonearms this gauge is fine for quick adjustment. The reason is that technics tonearm on SL1210mkII (and modern SL1200G series) is not exactly Stevenson (and for this reason i use manufacturer's device, that plastic overhang gauge), but i can re-aligh with Feickert to Stevenson, Baerwald, Lofgren. 


 I'm not getting the Feickert because my buddy has a protractor. My plan is to install the FR-7 and hope it lasts forever.

Then all you need is correct Pivot to Spindle distance according to the FR template. 

Try google for ''plastic caliper''. Those are even cheaper than
I thougth.