Fidelity Research FR-66S tonearm lifter

Hi folks, I would like to know how to disassemble the Fidelity Research FR-66S tonearm lifter. This arm is 20+ year old and the silicon oil inside the lifter has dried up, so the lowering speed of the lifter is too fast. I would like to replace this oil but don't know how to get access to the inner oil compartment. If you are familiar with this tonearm and especially with the tonearm lifter, your response will be appreciated. Thank you.

Can't help you with disassembly but Mr. Ikeda who owned Fidelity Research can. Below is a link to the website to establish contact.

I am contemplating sending in my FR64fx in for a going through by Mr. Ikeda (or buying an Ikeda arm) in the next year or so

Great tonearms with still quite a following. They routinely go for over $800 on ebay.

Good Luck