Fi Elemente Pagode Master Ref amp platforms

Anyone had any expirience with them ? I'm thinking about getting the Pagode Master Reference HD09 to put under my amps.

I have read many rave reviews about Pagode Reference racks and personally use the Finite Elemente Cerapuc under my amps (with great results).

They look cool, too.
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Gorgeous room !!

Sorry, but with your room, your equipment, go for a Master Reference rack. I bought a double wide Master Reference and took delivery about 8-10 weeks ago. Wow...the reviews weren't off here.

I also have Cerabases under the rack and 5 sets of Cerepucs. It all replaced a Arcici Suspense with Symposium Ultra Shelves in several places.

Send me you email, I'll mail you a pic, I haven't added the pics in my system here just yet...maybe this weekend...
If you're shopping in that range, also consider the Silent Running Audio Craz. I owned the Master Ref and, after hearing the two side by side, replaced it with the Craz and haven't looked back. The build quality is beyond incredible. Unless SRA upgrades it, my Craz will be in my room until God comes knockin'. :)
I didn't see that your question was about the Master Ref amp stands, not the rack. I still stand by SRA recommendation, though. Their component bases are second to none, in my experience.
I was considering the SRA stands when I was looking for a stand for my Lamm M1.2 monos. The problem for me with that stand was that they are component specific - i.e. every time you sell your amp you should get the new ones.

Eventually, I sold my Lamm monos before I pulled the trigger. So in a way, from todays perspective, I 'm glad I didn't get them since I would have to sell them as well.

The Pagode stands aren't component specific which would suit my ever evolving system better, and at 1000$ a piece are much cheaper as well.

BTW Hooper - can you descride the diferences you have heard between those two stands ?

Jfrech - I'm considering getting the rack as well, but I wanted to start with the amp stands first.

The biggest change I noticed was in the amount of energy I heard. With my gear on the SRA, the music popped and crackled (not literally, of course!) in a way it just didn't with the Master Ref. It had a sense of vitality and dynamic "aliveness" the F-E couldn't match. My friend, who probably has better ears than I, heard the same thing. But that increased energy didn't come at the expense of smoothness. Maybe it didn't have *quite* the "woody" warmth of the Master, but the difference was pretty slight and didn't bother me at all.

I definitely understand the drawbacks of the component-specific approach, though I should mention that SRA now will "re-tune" your platform for a pretty nominal fee to fit the new component--provided that the shape of the new piece is relatively close in configuration to that of the old one. They might even offer a trade-in program, though I have to confirm that.
I haven't heard the SRA. Honestly, I almost bought it. I talked to Keven and the folks there quite a few times. The thing that swung the deal for me was my dealer. I just wanted to buy local from him.

Hooper, did you use the Cerapucs and Cerabases with your Master Ref? Those did upgrade my Finite rack quite a bit sound the snap crackle and pop department as you say.

Elberoth2, I'd say, from my experience, the Cerabases are a must for a amp stand or a full rack. Pls consider that in your budget for Finite Elemente...ditto the Cerepucs...

Anyway, good luck !!

I came across this thread and thought I'd add my experience with this isolation issue.

To clear up one factual error, I would like to point out that SRA products in the squared series are reconfigurable for different components and so are pretty much future proof as far as changing components is concerned. It would difficult to overemphasize the importance of this as component specific isolation is the only isolation I've experienced that does not have negatives that offset its positives.

I have Ohio Class XL plus isoBASES for my Lamm M1.2 monos (reconfigurable should I replace them with other monos) and twin double-wide Craz racks for everything else except my speakers. The Craz racks are also reconfigurable and therefore future proof as well.

These SRA products have transformed my system and given me the sound I had been looking for. I spent 6 months of intensive research into available isolation products and did not like anything until I finally was pointed to SRA and Kevin Tellekamp.

I could tell you many things about these products, but instead I will point you to an SRA webpage with another SRA customer's comments which I cannot improve upon, except to say that besides knowing more about isolation than anyone else with whom I've ever discussed the subject and being a total perfectionist, Kevin is a man of outstanding character:

I wish you all the best in your pursuant of the music.

Jfrech -> I already have Cerapucks under my amps. The improvement they brought to my system was simply stunning. I could not belive the difference when I first put them in. They brouhgt the levels of microdynamics and resoultion I have never thought possible from my amps. Clearly, that "mechanical grounding" concept works.

That beeing said, I have also tried them under my BAT, Klyne and Placette preamps but haven't noticed the same levels of improvement. So they may be component (amp/pre/cd) or product dependent.

I also have two sets of Ceraballs. I first put them under my amps (before I got the Cerapucs) and they brought similar improvement, although after spending a couple of days with them I have noticed that they also made the sound a little bit thiner in the lower midrange. I replaced them with Cerapucks, which seem not to have that adverse effect.

But I have found another usage for Ceraballs - I put them under my speaker cables. Yes, that is true - however crazy it may sound.

I wasn't expecting ANYTHING, just put them out of curiosity 'cos they were laying around, and again - their effect just amazed me. More resolution, HF air, microdynamics. The effect was greater than changing a power cord. I'm totally at a loss how to explain it. I should also note that my speaker cables are so stiff, that placing 4 Ceraballs lifts the whole cable from the ground. Not shure how it would work with more flexible speaker cables.

I never used Cerabases or Cerapucs with my Master Ref. I'm not even sure they were out yet when I had the rack. But I've heard both in different systems, and they do make a very nice improvement.

For your reference, you might find the following links useful:

Good luck!