Platform/Base under heavy speakers - Pagode HD09?

I tried some 30mm height granite bases, but I think the granite has a negative effect in mid/low-mid region and the sound becomes dry.
I'm thinking of trying wood bases under the speakers. Do you have any suggestions?
Could the Pagode MR HD09 be placed under loudspeakers?

Thank you.
If you are trying to experiment with a minimum cash outlay, I would recommend a 2" thick rock maple butcher block cutting board. A search on google will turn up some possibilities. Mapleshade offers these, but they are quite a bit more money but have a nice finish on them. Get a package of felt floor savers at Home Depot so you can slide them around to find the sweet spot if you have a hard floor. Not necessary with carpet floors.
I found that the "wood" approach is the way to go.I tried the Isoblocks, but preferred a triple-pointed cone between the platform and floor.Jigs' recommendation for the butcher block is a good place to start.You may need to thread the footer underneath (nut & bolt),as the three point top may not make good contact if threaded on from the bottom.
I have one of these under my sub. A very reasonable price as a way to test the idea. The seller will make them in any size you want.
Under my speakers are two inch thick pieces of MDF. Speakers and sub have sorbothane pads between the speakers and stands for isolation while the stands are spiked to the floor.
Click on Tpsonic's and my system pages for pics.
Tpsonic you have a very interesting system; you use Mapleshade everywhere, how better is their sound from the sound of the Michigan Maple Blocks? What is a triple -pointed cone?
Thank you.
I have my Hales Rev 3's as follows:
1. four hockey pucks on the floor
2. concrete 12 x 12 x 2 (height approx) painted black. The type you get at Home Depot, Loews, etc. Look around and you can find a few differant sizes.
3. Hales on top of that, with spikes (that's the hard part without a friend).
I did this to raise them up and as a bonus the bass tightened up.
The good news is cost was minimal.
Apopira2, I cannot make comparisons,as I have not tried the others.When I began tweeking the system,Mapleshade was the prominant supplier.A "triple-point is your standard 2" (V shaped) brass or other footer with three smaller "poimts" on its' top.
I must confess that when I used the Z-Sytems/Citypulse units in the same system,the platforms were sourced else-where (T J Maxx).