Feickert Blackbird versus Kuzma Stabi Reference 2

Hi all,
Plan is to upgrade current TT (Kuzma Stabi S) to one of the above. Tonearm is Kuzma 4 Point & cartridge is 17D3
Rest of the gears are Pass Lab. 

Hard to find direct comparison between the 2 tables; seeking views of Audiogon members who have made the comparison.TT will be purchased new. 

Many thanks 


I have heard the Woodpecker, which is a ring down the ladder from the Blackbird. Not too far off in price though. I found the Woodpecker to slightly emphasize macro over micro-dynamics. It was quite open and natural sounding, though others may have an edge in PRAT. The DPS/Schroder I heard briefly, comes to mind. But based on the competition, dare I say the Feickert offers a decent value. This is all very tough, because of different rooms and systems. In this case, the room WAS different, but it was a setup I'm quite familiar with. The arm was an Ortofon, 9" D version. Can't remember model, but it was roughly 3K US.