February 27th....Happy Birthday Dexter Gordon

Happy Birthday Dex!

What is your favorite Dexter Gordon song or album?

My fave is the album 'One Flight Up' and my favorite song on the album is 'Tanya'.
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Hate to be the guy who merely agrees, but in this case you took the words right out of my mouth - "Tanya" it is...
I like Go but then I'm no completist. I will take the time to check out Tanya
And I also hate to say it, but "One Flight Up" is my favorite Dexter album hands down, too - I think it has been way under appreciated, especially for that "late night with a drink in your hand" purpose... although I recognize that "Go" is a great album and "Gettin' Around" is a lot of fun...
Happy Birthday Dexter!
Tanya is a classic(love the drums of Art Taylor on this cut). One of my favorites is "The Rainbow People" from the "Tower of Power" CD. This includes Barry Harris on piano and it`s just beautiful playing. "Doing Allright" and "Ballads" are other excellent CDs. He had many.