Favorite Caps ST-70 Rebuild

For ST-70 owners who have the VTA board:
So many caps out there to choose from, what's your favorite brand (0.22uf & 0.1uf) and why?
Vitamin Q, K40, K71, K75....
I already purchased Vit Q's but am having second thoughts after listening to a different value (2.0uf) of them at the output of my preamp. Nothing like their reputation of being dull and dark. If anything they were too bright and lacked a bottom end. They sounded nasal and didn't change after breaking in. Hopkins PIO's were great from the get go and are getting better.
I went from ( Thor Audio TA1000 Linestage ) Mundorf Oil Silver ( nice but kinda smeared sounding ) to Vh Audio TfTF ( Teflon ) and they were wonderfull ,but just a tad too bright for me taste..I then went to VH Audio CuTF ( mostly Copper ) and fell in love..Sweet with tremendous organics without sacrifing detail.Wonerfull open and airy sound...Incredible sounding Caps...They need a least 100 hours before they are enjoyable,but once I hit the 100 hour mark things just kept getting better and better and better..........
.........but they won't fit in the VTA board, where space is at a premium.

After screwing with several caps, I ended up with the K40-Y pios in the .22 coupling positions and Auricaps as the interstage caps. The coupling positions make lots of difference, but the interstage caps are pretty subtle. I could see, if you wanted a sharper sound with greater attack, using Auricaps all the way around. But the Russkie PIOs have lots of body and a nice fullness. They take over 100 hours to break in though.
I have heard the V-caps in both modes and they are as described above. I have a warm amp and the TFTF are great. I have another amp and the CU are wonderful in that one. Both are better than any other caps I have heard. If they can fit in, use the 600Volt ones. The improvement exceeds what is gained with interconnects, power cables, etc. A coupling cap is critical. Farther down the chain and the improvement is less profound.
V-Caps are very nice and so are the Duelunds, I understand that there is a new cap called the reality cap but I forget who is making it.

Happy Listening.
Thanks guys for your suggestions. Bob L. himself (Tubes for HIFI-VTA Board) recommended the K40-Y's as well. I know all PIO's aren't created equally, but I was shocked how bad the VIT Q's sounded at the output of my preamp. Sort of put me off that brand for the time being.
Well, the Qs are many years old, and even if they are NOS, who knows about storage conditions and life expectancy? I wouldn't be too quick to judge.

I rigged up some Jensen CIOs and they sounded better than the K40-Y, but like the Duelands and V-caps that were mentioned, they just won't fit on the boards, so you have to rig in leads.

I suppose that's why you asked for advice from people who actually own the board, rather than the standard, "Who makes the best caps?" question.
Right on. I still might try the Q's since I already have them. ST-70's seem like potato chips, your can't build just one. I was hoping for a comparative review from someone who has used the caps I mentioned.