Favorite Caps ST-70 Rebuild

For ST-70 owners who have the VTA board:
So many caps out there to choose from, what's your favorite brand (0.22uf & 0.1uf) and why?
Vitamin Q, K40, K71, K75....
I already purchased Vit Q's but am having second thoughts after listening to a different value (2.0uf) of them at the output of my preamp. Nothing like their reputation of being dull and dark. If anything they were too bright and lacked a bottom end. They sounded nasal and didn't change after breaking in. Hopkins PIO's were great from the get go and are getting better.
I went from ( Thor Audio TA1000 Linestage ) Mundorf Oil Silver ( nice but kinda smeared sounding ) to Vh Audio TfTF ( Teflon ) and they were wonderfull ,but just a tad too bright for me taste..I then went to VH Audio CuTF ( mostly Copper ) and fell in love..Sweet with tremendous organics without sacrifing detail.Wonerfull open and airy sound...Incredible sounding Caps...They need a least 100 hours before they are enjoyable,but once I hit the 100 hour mark things just kept getting better and better and better..........
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I have heard the V-caps in both modes and they are as described above. I have a warm amp and the TFTF are great. I have another amp and the CU are wonderful in that one. Both are better than any other caps I have heard. If they can fit in, use the 600Volt ones. The improvement exceeds what is gained with interconnects, power cables, etc. A coupling cap is critical. Farther down the chain and the improvement is less profound.
V-Caps are very nice and so are the Duelunds, I understand that there is a new cap called the reality cap but I forget who is making it.

Happy Listening.
Thanks guys for your suggestions. Bob L. himself (Tubes for HIFI-VTA Board) recommended the K40-Y's as well. I know all PIO's aren't created equally, but I was shocked how bad the VIT Q's sounded at the output of my preamp. Sort of put me off that brand for the time being.
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Right on. I still might try the Q's since I already have them. ST-70's seem like potato chips, your can't build just one. I was hoping for a comparative review from someone who has used the caps I mentioned.