Faroudja vp251 vs dvp2200

Has anyone had any experience in changing from the 251 to 2200? I just purchased a 2200 to run with a runco 991 8" crt. I was talking with someone that is selling a Faroudja line tripler and he has told me the new dvp 2200 is an inferior product to the 301 and even to the 251. Anyone? Some kind of input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Bryan, Why don't you go to the following link, it has a review of the DVP3000 which (I Think??)the 2200 shares some of the technology with. Please let me know because I was looking to purchase the 2200 for my Seleco SVD800 HD. I currently use the DVDO which is better than the internal line doubler of the projector. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/main.html [email protected]
Bryan, you were misled. The Faroudja dvp2200 scaler is a superior product to the vp251. Stereophile Guide to Home Theater reviewed the dvp2200 a few issues ago and said it was superior to the vp251. If you can spare the cash, the dvp 3000 will really make those 8" crt's shine.