Fans Of Female Singers Check Out Terra Naomi

Having just stumbled across her on Youtube (thank you Amy Winehouse) watching her do a version of Rehab and making it her own. I am simply in awe of the talent that she posses as a vocalist, songwriter and musician. I went through all of her videos of both covers and original songs. Words really can't explain and do justice to her ability's you need to see and hear it to understand it.
Hey, thanks for that. I checked out her YouTube stuff because I do like Amy Winehouse. You are spot-on in your comments from what I heard. I ordered her CD after listening to a few YouTube videos. Thanks for the tip!
Jax2 definitely go through and check out all of the Youtube video's. She reminds me a lot of Janis Ian very gifted all around. I do not have the Under The Influence CD but from what I have heard it sounds like it takes away a lot of what makes her special by turning some of them Pop Rock. Unfortunately this is what is going to sell. Hopefully with some success she can drift back to the acoustic thing. She had started out with a Classical and Opera background when she was young and studied it at the University Of Michigan. She toured the US as an acoustic act booking her own shows for quite a few years and Youtube put her on the map. Here is a link to her Myspace that has some cuts from the CD
Excellent. Thanks much. If the CD "pop rock" influence is like the "Up Here" tune, that I'm all for it. A good mix of rockin and acoustic stuff worked for Dylan, after all ;~)
With 250 views on the thread I expected to get a few more comments, maybe the Amy Winehouse comment discouraged them. I hope more people took the time to check her out. She is way more talented all around and much different than Amy.
Very good!!very talented girl!a natural ,realy enjoyed her videos!I will buy her cd!Thanks for bringing her to our attention!
Having now listened to the CD many times over I can confirm that it certainly is targeting a pop audience, rather than what you might expect from the videos on YouTube. This is a disappointment for me as her strengths are in her vocals and songwriting and both get somewhat buried in the louder arrangements on the album. Still, it's a good effort overall and there are one or two selections that are arranged more simply than the others. Sound quality is good, but nothing to show of your system with. Overall I get the impression of the razor edginess of Alanis Morrisette from the CD. At times she sounds like Jewell with a hint of Dolly Parton mixed in, but most of the arrangements are harder hitting than either of those women would record. I'd echo the sentiment of Blblues68 to check out the videos above all, and I too hope she'll create an acoustic CD at some point soon. Thanks again for bringing her to my attention.