Fair price for Marantz SR-19

I'mconsidering the purchase of a Marantz SR-19 over the Marantz SR8000 and SR7000. Can someone tell me what a fair price is for one - I've seen a big range. Is it worth the extra money?
As an owner of 18EX, I will direct you to the following sites; http://www.tsto.com/ Authorized Dealer http://www.sounddistributors.com/productlist.asp?crid=103&pcrid=36&cat_name=Marantz not sure. http://www.sounddistributors.com/productlist.asp?crid=103&pcrid=36&cat_name=Marantz probably not. It is said that those reference series (upper than SR19) is made in Japan, and below that (SR8000 or below) is made in Singapore or Malaysia, FWIW. It depends what you call "fair". Since SR19 has been out for some time and presumably the model is pretty stable in quality, so you may not have to worry about those "warranty". The warranty card inside clrealy states "void if purchased from other than authorized dealers". I personally bought from an NOT-authorized dealer, but the dealer took care of defect and exchange it free. Good Luck. Ken
Oops, the third address should be; http://www.allhometheater.net/audrec.html