External CD/DVD drive for Mac Book Pro

Hello All, I am looking for to rip my Audio Cd's to External
storage thru Mac Book Pro. Understand Apple USB super drive is not having CACHE,C2 ERROR CORRECTION. Is that right? Please specify some current available products. Becoz Empirical Audio
Mr.Steve suggested some Teac drivers are not available in current market. Appreciated your suggestions. Thanks.
I'm not sure I understand your question. AFAIK every drive has error correction since it is part of Reed-Solomon coding. Up to 4mm scratches along the track it autocorrects, between 4mm it interpolates and above 8mm skips. All this applies to music playback in real time but when you rip CD as data with programs like "Exact Audio Copy" (Windows) or Max (Mac) computer reads the same sector multiple times until proper checksum is found. On badly scratched CDs it can take pretty long time. I set option in Max - "Do not allow to skip" that guarantees that finished rip is exactly the same as original. In fact it would be better since it will "fix" scratches.
Thanks Kijanki, For the info. I want to use external drive with my Mac Book Pro to rip through XLD. Now I have purchased Samsung SE-208AB/TSBS which recommended in other thread by Simorgh.

Ric-Simorgh, I saw your recommendation for this external drive in another post. Just I want to esquire with you that you are using stack usb cable using usb 3 port or you purchased separate usb 3 cable.

Thanks for info. and reply.
Rabbani, check if your XLD has setting of number of retries. I set Max to "do not allow to skip" but I could also set number of retries like for instance 200. Set it to the highest number. Some programs allow to verify overall checksum for CD with internet database. USB cable doesn't matter since you're transferring data (no timing).
Thanks once again Kijanki. I will configure the set up as per your suggestion. Let us see How good is it work.