Expert advice needed for cable upgrade............

Over the past year I've put together a new rig with a lot of help from members on this forum. I feel as if my i/c's are the weak link to this new found system. I still have the cables that I used prior to upgrading everything else. With so much to choose from I'm sort lost and in need of solid recommendations. I tried a pair of Cardas Golden Reference cables that were single ended. They didn't sound as good as the balanced cables that I am currenting using. Most likely because they were not balanced cables. So before I extend myself in getting a balanced cable. I would like to hear some opinions from the quality members on this forum. I have a budget of around 800/1000 for two cables. Balanced and one meter in length. My rig consists of: Spectron Musician II amp
Spectron Maestro Model 10 pre
PS Audio P-500 Regenerator
Magnepan 3.6
VPI Aries Black Knight
Lyra Helikon Cartridge
Audio Aero Prima
Stealth CWS XLR I/C's pre to amp/pre to cdp

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I am in the midst of a cable "shootout" with four pairs of speaker cable on loan from the Cable co. It's a good way to go IMO. It has allowed me to audition these choices together in my system for a period of about two weeks........ Although at this point I am ready to be finished "auditioning cables".

You might want to give them a call to get some recommendations and to set up a demo.