Experiences with Tripoint Audio Apollo

Any recommendations in order to maximize my Tripoint Apollo? Hook up tips? I have just purchased the new Tripoint Troy ac filtration/ground system and to tell you this device has given me the most natural portrayal of the musical event I have ever heard from my system is an understatement! As a discerning audiophile that has had the chance, and luck, to own some of the best components in this crazy hobby; Tube Research, JM Labs, the Tripoint lets my electronics achieve their maximum potential. When Miguel Alvarez first approached me to schedule a demonstration of this revolutionary new product, I admit I was skeptical, and cautious, of the performance claims Miguel promised to deliver. There is no hard copy technical explanation on how this device works, but since the manufacturer is local and had offered a demonstration...I agreed to the home audition. The build quality and look of the Tripoint Troy is second to none. The African Bubinga mirror finish is beautiful and it sounds every bit as fabulous as it looks! The Tripoint is for the audiophile who demands nothing but the most innovative. I profess, I was not prepared to hear what I heard. First the Tripoint delivered the most holographic, layered sound that I have ever experienced. Familiar recordings that I had sampled over and over again took on a NEW life of their own! The music sounded as if multiple layers of veils had been striped away from the musicians. Not to be unfair, I have heard other ac filtration devices that remove grain and lower the noise floor, but never anything as quiet and as natural as the Tripoint. It just pulled me further into the music and made me forget about my electronics. I asked Miguel how he was able to achieve this natural voicing. He explained to me that the key is to eliminate noise in a more passive manner, while at the same time utilizing materials that have the correct resonating frequency. I'm still not entirely sure how it works, but I can tell you that the Tripoint Troy is definately amazing! Costly, but worth it because it really delivers. I recommend you do not audition the Tripoint unless you are prepared to pay the price, since it will spoil you and leave you wanting to keep it in your system. This IS the closest I have ever been to the music!
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I recently had an audiophile epithany that opened my eyes to what really matters in a system.
I have known Miguel Alvarez for about 3 yrs since I work as a sales associate and systems designer for a mid-hi-end specialty retailer and Miguel was a factory representative for a large audio company.I have always been quite aware of Miguels passion for music and the extremes he has been willing to go to recreate a true musical experience.
When Miguel told me of the difference his new a/c filtration and ground system made in his system and that it would make a huge improvement in any system I was a bit skeptical in spite of how much confidence I have in him.
Miguel asked me if he could bring the Troy in to where I work and hook it up for an audition and I was anxious to check it out so I told him to bring it in.
The first thing I noticed was the amazing craftmanship,I can't remember the last time I saw a product so well made,solid african bubinga cabinet,beautifully machined front panel,ultra high quality power cord ,a true labor of love from someone who really cares. But enough about that the important thing is if makes a difference! so we hooked it up to a Cambridge Audio 640AII 75wpc integrated amp,Cambridge Audio 640 CD player and Focal Electra 1027BE speakers using only Audioquest type 4 10ft speaker cable(200.00) and Audioquest 2m sidewinder audio interconnect cables(80.00) and we put on a recording of Eva Cassidy singing the old Louis Armstrong title "What a wonderful world".We all just sat listening me and 4 other guys 2 that work with me and 2 of my good customers/fellow audiophiles that just happened to be in the store when Miguel came in.
Nobody had to say a word we just all looked at each other,the music said it all!!!! I could have sworn Eva Cassidy came back to life and was in the room singing to us!!! It was music!!! holographic,detailed with an awesome soundstage,like nothing I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What ws even more amazing was that we were using low priced cables and a 600.00 amplifier!!!
I have been an audiophile for over 30yrs and have spent 15yrs of my life in the Audio business and have never heard a component made such an impact on a system. So before you spend 10,000 on a preamp or 20,000 on a power amp all in search of audio nirvana,buy this first!!!!!! yes it is expensive but worth every penny!!! You will have a more musically satisfying experience with the TROY in your system and an affordable amplifier than you would without it and 30-40k worth of electronics.
I was ready to upgrade my 10yr old McIntosh preamp but after hearing what the Troy can do I am saving up to by that instead with no doubt that it will make my system more musical.
I want to thank everyone for your great reviews and vote of confidence. I'm glad
you guys are enjoying Tripoint. This technology is a product of my endless quest for perfection.
I had the great pleasure to experience Tripoint first hand. Let me start by saying that I have never been so close to the music. Overall sound on my system was extremely natural, filling the room in 3-D. Zeppelin never sounded so life like as if they were playing live in front of me. Each guitar string resonating until almost transparent . The attack on the snare drum was mind blowing, the bass was tight and dynamic. The way the musicians came together was nothing short of total harmonic ecstasy. The moment I disconnected the box every sounded muddy, disorganized. Huge difference!! I cannot believe this product has made such an impact on the way we listen to music. In my humble opinion it is a technological marvel.
Two threads on the TriPoint; both right on.
I'd like to once again thank the audiogon community for pointing out one more thing I did not know existed, nonetheless needed.