replacement drive for Rega Apollo

Anyone know what the correct drive is for the Rega apollo? I can find ones from china that look the same, but looks can be deceiving.
elader pretty sure Rega makes their own drives, you should contact them or one of their  dealers.
From the Stereophile review ...

The Apollo's transport, manufactured by Sanyo, is compliantly suspended from the upper portion of Rega's standard chassis of cast aluminum alloy. The D/A converter is Wolfson's top-of-the-line WM8740, a dual-differential chip that operates in sigma-delta mode and supports word lengths of up to 24 bits. The output section, which is said to apply class-A amplification to a digital source component in an entirely new way, is Rega's own design.


I stand corrected thanks rar1 and sorry elader must have mis-remembered that was sure I read it in a review once. Good luck!
I don't think anyone makes their own transports other than Esoteric.  Everyone else uses Sony, Phillips or Sanyo.  
Contact Rega for a consultation.
Also, Audio Concepts in Dallas TX can be of help as well.
The following person/ organization is the authorized repair person in the US.  He replaced the laser assembly on my Rega Apollo for about $250 or so two years ago.

Mr. Nick Gowan
True Sound
136 Kennedy Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008-4115
[email protected]

Your Rega Apollo uses a Sanyo SF-P101N drive/laser and are quite cheap if your handy the whole drive is quite easy to do your self. Just the laser is harder.

Cheers George