Experience with the Stage III Gryphon interconnect

I asked to compare interconnect with which I am quite familiar, Townshends, to the Stage III Gryphons. Granted the Townshends are much less expensive. I was hoping that they were close enough to no further bother with the Stage IIIs. No such luck! The Stage IIIs were better in every respect. The sound stage was wider and more encompassing. The bass was much stronger and more defined. Dynamics were much better. And the Stage IIIs were noticeably louder.

I wonder if one pair would get me anywhere? I might be able to rob a bank to buy them. Oh, wait, most banks have no assets.
>I might be able to rob a bank to buy them<

Only a good idea if you can pick up police frequencies on the hcat.

Get a weather forecast with the doppler dohickey and then find out where the police are patrolling-then you're good to go.

Watch out for the exploding dye packs.
What are you talking about?
One cable change to Stage 3 gryphon ,and this is what you get;


To avoid those dye packs, maybe he could try his luck with a money transport or- of course - perhaps he knows another cat- owner who runs a dry cleaning business.
Always glad to help with ideas.....
Doppler radar preamps

$8K isolation platforms

liquid ceramic speaker cables

Our master of the ridiculous strikes again.
Keep it up Tbg.
Maybe you'll make "Entertainment Tonight".
Does hcat get that channel?
Wow, talk about the kettle calling the pot black.
Wow, a failed cable manufacturer taking shots.

That's funny.
Wow, a failed dealer taking shots.

That's funny.
Oh Billy,
It’s indeed unfortunate that you are basing success strictly on how much money one makes from customers without regard to any contributions to technology and overall customer satisfaction.
Perhaps if US companies were more concerned with their success measured beyond simple monetary gains, we would not be in the financial crisis we are in.
Wanna see the books chump?
I think you are giving Bill to much credit for thought.
I haven't found a price for the Stage III Grypon. How much are the interconnects?
5800 RCA 6300 XLR
Tvad, hold onto your hat. On aaudioimports webpage. $6300 for 1 m. As good as it is, I probably cannot afford it now that I am retired.
Tvad, sorry that is for XLRs. ONLY $5800 for RCA.