Experience with PS Audio Classic 250 amp?

I recently tried out PS Audio HCA-5 Amp and loved the sound. However I would like more power to drive my Aerial 10T speakers. I know I can try them out from PS Audio for 30 days buy buying them for $5000. Has any one out there tried this Amp??? Thanks George
You should contact a member who goes by the moniker Saxman(or something similar) here at audiogon he has had it and could offer his experience, I know he sometimes doesn't visit the forums daily tenormadness@cfu.net
I have listened to both the HCA-2 and the Classic 250 amplifiers in back to back comparisons at a dealer.
As good as the HCA-2 is, the Classic 250 is a significant step up in the performance areas of bass authority, midrange and dynamics.
I could hear the differences between the two amplifiers immediately and know why the dealer concerned listens to the Classic 250 and not the HCA-2.
It was very hard to listen to the HCA-2 after listening to the Classic!