Experience with Octave preamp/power amp?

Hi there, just wanna know if anyone has used this German brand of pre and power amp (not the guitar amps made in US). I'm mostly a solid-state person, but maybe some tube amps can provide the same level of precision, but giving an extra layer of warmth and smoothness. Anyone tried this brand before or currently using?

I have. Anything specific you'd like to know?
The medium level pre has a well balanced sound and good harmonic rendition. Details were good (not superlative). Their "big" (=very expensive) sounded to me better by far, and that includes a very good riaa. Reproduction was extended on either end and tonal/frequency balance seemed very good (i.e. no reproduction valeys or harshness -- i.e. mid-high frequencies over emphasized, low/mid frequencies underemphasized, etc).

I've only listened to their floor standing amps (outrageously expensive) driving horrible sounding spkrs -- so can't really comment.