Experience with Inakustik 3500P Power Conditioner??

I'm looking at obtaining a power conditioner and had my sights set on an Akiko Corelli when an Inakustik 3500P got my attention.  I have found only one reference to the 3500P on Agon while there is some notable props on the Corelli here.  

Thanks for any experience you might be willing to share.
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I don’t have a multimeter but happy to buy one if you let me know how to use it and perform the test. -Alex 

Alex - It is a simple continuity check you want to test between each pin of each connector.  Any cheap multimeter that you can get at Home Depot  or Lowes or possibly even WalMart will do a simple continuity check.  Usually they have tone confirmation for continuity check so I usually try to get one that has that at a minimum.  

I just tested two different C19 cables I have and found the following results.  I held both plugs in my hand so the male/female ends were pointing at me with the two pins on top and the single pin on the bottom.  On each the same position pin on each plug had continuity to the respective pin on the other connector.  Top right was connected to top right on each connector.  The only thing that could get reversed is the top two pins to give you the off reading.  The single pin should always be ground. 

Good luck. 
Hi, reviving this thread with a few comments.  I own two 3500P's, both supply power to entire systems with DAC, Preamp and mono amps.

I am very happy with the sound.  I got a huge improvement by upgrading the main C20 power cord to Audience AU24 SX. (it came with an upgraded Inakustik cable, but not the Air model).  I have a dedicated 20 amp line on one system, not on the other.  I keep them on all the time unless leaving for long weekend or vacation.  The times I have had an electrical storm it disconnected immediately.  
My only criticism is the tightness of the outlets on my plugs.  All my very nice power cords tend to 'droop' a bit, as they do not seem tightly clamped.  I have come to 'prop them up' so that the weight of the nice cable does not cause them to droop.  On occasion, while moving something around, one has come loose enough to not connect.  Since this is a power conditioner, it troubles me that the 'power connection' may be less than stellar.  Ken
oops C19 connector into unit.  C15 out.  US model.
@mike_ostradick I went to Lowe's and purchased a multimeter. The cable checked out fine. Left on both ends beeped. Any ideas on how to check the conditioner? 
@rareace  It’s probably as simple as the wires switched on the C20 connector inside the unit.  I would contact Robert and see how he wants to handle it.