Exogal Comet Dac Plus | AES/EBU Cable recommendations?

Hi! I've recently acquired an Exogal Comet DAC, after a long search (which included electronics much more expensive). It's preamp sections is also so exceptional that I'm running it directly on the power amp. I got the wywires umbilical chord upgrade and really want to extract the last drop of performance from it. The AES/EBU is awesome and I would like to know if someone has recommendations to share :)
I have a Siltech HF-10 and recently tried the Kimber KS 2120. A clear improvement ... although not in par with the Stein Music Onix DX-3002. The latter is more than a simple cable ... and, while sounding glorious, there are occasional glitches in the sound - most likely due to cable reclocking. Thank you!

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Make sure you also switch out the stock power cord or else it will not be optimized. 
Sure! I forgot to mention that I'm not using the stock power cord ... I'm using one cable from German Physiks that as always provided me with good results. But I may play around with that a little bit as well ... thanks!
The choice of AES/EBU cable that is likeliest to be optimal is more likely to be dependent on the component providing the signal than on the component receiving the signal, IMO. So I would suggest that you indicate the source component you are using, and give greatest weight to suggestions that may be provided by users of that same component (or by users of other source components from the same manufacturer that were made in approximately the same timeframe), who are also connecting via AES/EBU.

Also, as you may have seen in past threads here and elsewhere, for AES/EBU cables (and also coaxial S/PDIF cables) lengths of 1.5 meters or slightly longer, or if practical very short lengths such as 6 or 8 inches, stand a greater chance of being optimal than intermediate lengths such as 1 meter. That will not always be the case, as many component and cable dependent variables are involved, but the chances of achieving optimal results will be greatest with the 1.5 meter or very short lengths.

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