Ever lost desire to listen to your system because

I recently had an SACD player in my system for about 4 weeks. It was an improvement over my CD player in terms of transparency and musicality. It developed a small buzz in the transport so I took it back. Since I've returned the SACD player, I've basically lost the desire to listen to my system. The "magic" is gone because I've heard the system sound much better that it does now. Anyone ever had similar situations? How did you (or how do you plan to) recover from the trauma? My plan is to buy the SACD player again. Just waiting on some money.
sometimes when i upgrade my analogue i have a cd "diet".
I went through a similar situation. I bought a piece that truly took one of my systems to a new level. I was in love all over again. Then a nagging problem came up that was traceable to my "new love". I did everything that i could to correct it, but it just wouldn't go away. I ended up returning my "new love" to the manufacturer as the problem was annoying.

Obviously, i had to go back to what i was using before. I had used the original component for quite some time and had been quite happy with it overall. Only problem was that i had tasted steak and no longer wanted what seemed like "spam" now. I did not use that system near as much as i had previous to that due to the constant reminder that i had taken a step BACKWARDS.

In the long run, i missed that piece so much that i ended up buying another one. While it did have the same problem as the original one, it turns out that it was simply revealing a problem in another component. Once i fixed the other component, the system has run flawlessly and better than ever. As such, i'm glad that i gave that manufacturer and product a second chance. It was well worth it to me. Sean
This is why I have completely given up on analog. I had an analogue system for years that was at or near SOTA for the time. And a large vinyl collection.

Now, after years of digital of increasing quality, I find that I simply have zero tolerance for surface noise. I know that lots of vinylphiles claim that surface noise is a non-issue but for me it just isn't that way. All it takes is a couple of tics, pops, or crackles and that's it, I'm done.

Just a personal idiosyncrasy, but one that certainly helps me to understand your situation.

Hope you get your new gear back soon!

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I had an APT Holman pre-amp for a while. When the opertunity to make a two way trade came along I jumped at it only realizing after it was gone just how good the APT pre-amp really was. It took some time till I was able to replace the new pre-amp with something that was an improvement but sitting in front of the system and listening to what you know is not as good really bites.
I had my turntable back to Sota to have some upgrades done so all I had was my CD player. I didn't listent to much music while the Sota was gone.
How old, and what kind of cd player are you using?