Autoformer tech info is desired...

What is Autoformer?
How it works and how it's different from a regular transformer?
Where I could get an info or schematic examples?
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Have you looked at these?
This would be a good question to ask of McIntosh, since they seem to use a lot of these in their amps.
It's basically a multi-tapped primary without a secondary. Can be used as an impedence matching device, or also for volume control (ala Tribute, dave Slagle, etc.)


Look in the tweaks section of A'gon under "zero boxes". Contact Paul Speltz via his ad or use the member directory and type in paulspeltz. You can email him regarding his "autoformers". He is a great guy and can provide you with a wealth of info about autoformers. They are remarkable in what they can do for your system.

remarkable indeed. Listen to a McIntosh SS amp and find out!
Thanks, I've got the point.
If I had a buck I'd go for all Mac:-)
No brainer, it's literally the best electronics!
Here's some info on the S&B transformers used by Bent Audio (NOH preamp)and DIY Audio (Django preamp):
Many questions can be answered here:

Additional information can be found here: