Europa's Too Lean for Creek?

Helping a friend with a new setup, got him a Creek 4330SE (50w mosfet integrated with passive volume control), and am pondering the Europa.

Is this a bad match?
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The Europa is anything but lean sounding. However, I know Roy says something (to get the most out of the speaker) like minimum 100-125 watts ss or 50-75 tube watts for pairing an amp with them. Despite this, many owners are using successfully much lower power amps with the Europas.

This power issue with the Europas has been discussed quite a bit here on A'gon so you might want to do a search.

Good Luck,
For reasonable listening levels in a reasonable sized room, i don't think that the Creek would be out of line. They have a pretty decent power supply, meaning that they are capable of driving most speakers within reason and / or putting out enough peak power to handle transient demands. Neither the Creek nor the Europa's will shake the house though, so if that is your goal, you'll have to look for at least more efficient speakers. Otherwise, the use of a good digital source with a high output level ( at LEAST 2 volts minimum ) should work well. Sean
just what i needed, thanks guys.