esoteric x-03 vs CAry 306 SACD

Anyone compared the two?

I have heard them next to each other going thru Mcintosh C2200 + 501 Monoblocks driving Tannoy Yorkminster speakers. It was a newly set up system that wasa not run in. I felt the Cary has more warmth and weight & had the convenience of going direct. Esoteric had better detail and the transport is way better.
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More importantly, what did you think of the Mac/Tannoy combo? Only kidding about the more importantly part but I'd be interested in the answers to your question also as I have been considering the Cary 306SACD to upgrade from my 303-100.

I just brought the X-01 and X-03 into stock. I have not heard the Cary but I agree with you on the Esoteric transport. The X-01 is even better than the X-03. They are unquestionably 2 of the finest transports available today. In a world where many cd players weigh 15-25 pounds, the Esoterics weigh over 50 pounds. I'll be interested to see the final review of the X-03 at 6moons.