esoteric x-03 se vs x-01 ltd

Ok, I have had my x-03 se for a little while now and it is a great player but I was wondering if it may be worth going up to the x-01 ltd.What are the main differences between these two players? Thanks in advance for the input.
The biggest difference is the transport mechanism, it is more substantial in the X-01 ltd.
It is based on the architecture of the flagship P-01 transport.

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how about going from x-03 se to p5/d5 ?how big is difference ?
>>how about going from x-03 se to p5/d5 ?how big is difference?<<

Depends largely on the other system components and your listening skills.

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Audio Feil--Bill --ok--so the question was comparing the xo3se to xo1ltd and also the p5/d5 combo--assume a very high resolution system --good ears and listening skills---what are the sonic differences between the above ?? thanks --rich
Bill thanks for the email reply
I'd also be curiious the difference from x-03se to the x-01 ltd to the p5/d5 & is the difference worth it.