Esoteric UX-1: How "noisy"?

To all of those who have an Esoteric UX-1 or X-1: can you hear the disc spinning from, say, 10 feet away? I realize that Esoteric has built a massive assembly but on quiet passages I can distinctly hear the "whirring" of the platter. It's distracting, to say the least. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Yes, the TEAC VRDS Neo transports in the X-01, UX-1 and I presume other similarly engineered TEAC player is mechanically relatively noisy. I suspect though, that if you can hear the motor spinning while you play music, your player may be resting on a resonating surface, such as a relatively thin shelf on top of a cavity. Try applying dampening materials under the player or under the shelf, or add an isolation platform, or place the player on the lowest shelf, closest to the floor.
On the X-01, only on start-up for a couple of seconds when I've just started it up, at the player, not from my listening chair, and certainly not when music is playing. My player rests on an isolation platform with cone feet, which rest in 4 Aurios Pros, which may help.
I'm always surprised when anyone says that they can hear something, but it's not a problem for them if they can't hear it when music is playing. Surprised because it is still part of the noise floor, even though it can't be detected as a separate and distinct noise when music is playing. Same thing when many instruments (or voices) are heard, of course. One may not be able to "pick out" the flute, for example, but it's clearly intended to be a part of the larger "gestalt". For me, anything that I can hear at my listening chair when music is playing - e.g. the furnace, A/C, a refrigerator, a whirring platter - is a problem. In my opinion, the platter noise is a flaw, which, of course, is different than saying the Esoteric is not worth living with the flaw.
Something is wrong. I've had a dozen properly operating different Esoteric players/transports here and there is virtually no extraneous noise whatsoever. I can actually put my ear directly on the P-03 chassis and hear (or feel) nothing. Contact your dealer.
Thank you to all who responded. To solve the mystery, it was determined quite quickly that the "whirring" noise was indeed a mechanical fault. Even my DV-50S is dead quiet. Esoteric, to their credit, has been lightning-quick in making arrangements to replace the unit.
Glad your problem was solved--didn't sound like it was a general Esoteric problem based on my experience, and I have both an X-01 and DV-50. But I'm puzzled by Jfz's comments--live concerts must be hell for you. I'll take an incidental living-place noise which can't be heard over soft passages over bronchial honks, creaking seats, and rude talkers any day, and I've learned to tune most of those out. Granted, the idiot above me, who has never heard of rugs or non-stiletto heels, does push it a bit....
Mgottlieb, have you upgraded your X-01 to Limited yet, or are you planning to?
Mgottlieb - I'm puzzled by your puzzlement. I simply prefer quiet over noisy. Doesn't assume anything's hell for me.
Guido, yes, if the Esoteric distributor in the Northeast ever gets its act together to set up the upgrade process, which at present rate doesn't look like it will happen before the next upgrade.
OK, M - By the way, just wanted to say I meant to say "doesn't MEAN anything's hell for me". I certainly wasn't saying trying to say "don't assume...", i.e. assume whatever you want, of course.
MGottlieb, isn't Esoteric serviced by Teac America in California for the whole USA? By the way, the X-01 upgrade price has just been calculated by Teac America to be $1083 for parts and labor, plus taxes and shipping. Teac America is accepting now upgrade orders for X-01.
MGottlieb, you're wrongly blaming the distributor when he in fact has no control over the upgrade program. Esoteric recently sent technicians to Japan for training and they have returned equipped to begin the upgrade program. Cost will be $584 for parts, $500 labor, and return freight which Esoteric estimates at $60 for a total of $1144.

The upgrade kits are on order from Tokyo and expected to be in the US about the last week in June. No upgrades will be scheduled until the kits have arrived. You can expect the machine to be tied up for about 4 working days to ensure proper installation and follow-up testing.

Contact your dealer for more info.
As far as i know the first available timeslot for updating an X-01 is in early July. As there is 0 profit margin for dealers in the update, you may want to contact TEAC America directly at 323-726-0303 to make any arrangements for your unit.
Actually if you want to contact Esoteric direct to schedule the upgrade, call 323-727-7617 and request an "X-01 Limited upgrade". They will schedule a time that is most convenient for you.
Either phone numbers will get you there. According to Emma at TEAC, a number of X-01 upgrade kits are expected this week from Japan, but TEAC is already booked up with upgrade jobs until early July.
Thanks for the info, guys. I called Esoteric directly and got the upgrade scheduled for July 10th in about three minutes. Seems like if you want information, the audiophile network is better informed than the dealer/rep/manufacturer chain!
Mgottlieb, before you send your beloved 60lbs baby across the continent in its original slightly flimsy triple-box for some elective bowel surgery, you may want to buzz again the Teac America gang, and ask them to ship you one of the new bigger-sturdier triple cartons which include thicker and more rigid inner packing material. Your X-01 will be eternally grateful. . . or at least for a couple more years it will!
Guido, new boxes? I'll check it out. Thanks.
Yes Mgottlieb, I believe TEAC may charge approx $60 for the new and improved X-01/UX-1 packaging.
Guido, Thanks. Already ordered.
I've owned a DV-50s and now own a UX-1; neither unit has any audible sound of the disc spinning from 10 inches or 10 feet away (or right next to the unit...