Esoteric S-03

Does anyone have any experience with this amplifier or the S-02? I like Esoteric equipment and think this could be an excellent match to my TAD speakers.  I do not need big power given my listening tendencies; my other option might be Pass 100.8's but I would prefer a single amp due to space constraints and WAF. 

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I asked this question six months ago.  I got no answers-- so I am trying again.  Anyone have any experience with an Esoteric s-03?  I cannot find one in a dealer in the US. Still have not purchased another amp.  Monoblocs are now ruled out so I may be looking at a Pass 250.8 if the Esoteric does not pan out. 
My speakers are TAD Evoution Ones.  89db efficient.  I am sure the Esoteric would drive them well.  It is just trying to get an idea of sound since I cannot audition it.  I might like a dash of warmth with my system but not lose the transparency of my current Krell. 
GregM-- did you compare the s-03 to other amps with your speakers? You do not sound particularly enthusiastic... so I am wondering if you went another direction.  Also, where did you audition the S-03 or from what dealer?  Thanks  scott
Thank you.  That is most helpful.