Esoteric P2 vs P2s and possible upgrade

Is there someone in this group who ever tried a P2 and P2s side by side in the same system to ear the sounding difference if any ?
Also is it possible to take a P2 and upgrade it to a P2s model from Teac ?
And what about the cost vs the upgrade.

I already own a P2 and D2 and woundering if its worth the money changing for a P2s (if a can find one) or evenly upgrade my P2 into a P2s version (if it is possible).
hey krellman try that
and let me know
I have a p-2 and am going to get Great Northern Sound do a upgrade when I get the money saved! I have heard good things about them.They would be able to tell you if you could upgrade it to a P-2s.

Good Luck!
I have a P1, and Steve at GNS is the only one I would send it to. He says the Esoteric transports like ours are phenomenal post-mod.