Esoteric G-03x vs the new G-02 clock

Just wondering if anybody has had the chance to compare these two units. I currently own the G-03x and yes it does make a difference. So wondering what the sonic improvement would be if I moved up to the G-02. Thank you
So.....just to follow up here, nobody has bought an Esoteric G-02 clock ???? Somebody should tell Esoteric .....
They all bought G-01s.
Hello Colekat - you are probably right ! I want to retire at some point, so moving from the G-03x to the G-02 soon. The Clocks do make a difference.
Im using k05, I m going to add G-02 to improve SQ


I was using X-03SE and G-03X before. My experience told me that depends on what CD and recording, my G-03X can add better CD dimension and more focus soundstage on some CD only but not all of my CD, I would say maybe only about  40% of my CD can get benefit through this external master clock. Also, it really depends on your environment , if you have a short distance from your speaker and you, then you may not hear very clear the difference.


Many people add a 10M rubidium audio clock with their G-03/ G-02/ other master clock, I’ve a chance listen to similar components in a friend’s home, it really help (more significant of 3D soundstage), and it also increase the width of the soundstage a little bit. Of-course this is an addition cost have to pay.  If you decide to buy a Esoteric master clock, go to get G-02 but not G-03X, will get better result on G-02.


I just sold these items and got a new K-03X last week, I was very happy with this new CDP, it sound better than my X-03SE even without an external clock.

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