esoteric dv50

My dv50 made a scratching noise, then was fine, now its constant.Does any one think or know how much some thing like this would cost to fix. I was told that the dac was probilly bad by a tec.I like the sound of the dv50, I was thinking about a new dac? any suggestions
I had a issue with my dv 50. it was out of warranty. This fixed it for free when I did the s update at the same time...
Thanks for your response Jfrech,I would get that mod If esoteric fixed my dv50 for free.Do you have any suggestions on the dac?I guess If I go the dac route there would be only red book play back.
On the dac, if you spend any money, I'd either modify your dv50 or get a UX 3....I'm not a digital guy per se, might get some other thoughts. The DV50s is great for me and what I use it for.