Esoteric A-03 amp- opinions on them as mono-blocs

Hello members - I currently own one of these amps and really enjoy it. However, I was wondering if anybody has used them as mono-blocs and how was it sonically. The amp is rated at 50 watts of Class A power and would think that two of them would really get their arms around a set of speakers. So if anybody is using two of them as mono-blocs - drop me a note on what you think. Thank you in advance.
See any review by Howard Kneller from soundstage, he uses them on a lot of his reviews, he also likes the A-02's.
Bridging the A-03 (or any amp) would double the power (often a very good thing), but doing so also cuts the resistance load (measured in ohms) in half. This will likely cause better driver grip, but at a slight loss of delicacy. The A-03's ability to render the delicate nuances of music is one of the things that makes it so appealing. It really comes down to a a personal decision. Not something that I would do without testing prior to any purchase. HK
Hello Autosports - if I add another A-03 amp to my system - I would use them as monoblocs amp for each speaker. Is that the same as bridging them ???? Your points are well taken as the amp is ohhh so sweet - but help me on that question.
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Yes, that is the same as bridging them, unless you used them separately in 50 watt mode, which wouldn't make a lot of sense. If you bridge them, you will make the amp work much harder. So you will likely lose some delicacy. I personally would not do it, but your mileage (and preference) might vary. HK