equalizer, pre-processor?

I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 20s, Naim Nait 5i int-amp, Emotiva ERC-1
CD player and NAD tuner ... no turntable yet.
I love the sound of the Naim amp + CDP. However with the tuner, the sound is too bright, harsh ... heavy on the high end for me.

I could go several ways here .... pick new tuner that better matches my system for sound or ... look for an equalizer/processor so I can "tune" the sound for components. The Naim amp has no tone controls on it.

The advantage of an equalizer approach is that it can be flexible if I change or add components down the road.

Another approach is to trade off the Nait and move up to separates ... am+pre w/ ctrls.

What do folks recommend? Any advice out there for me?

If you keep adding more electronics to your chain, i.e. equalizer/processor,you will just muddle the sound up more.Just try another tuner,maybe a Naim unit.This is just my opinion,feel free to disagree.