EMT 950 BBC vs newer designs like VPI ,LP12 etc

I'm considering buying an overhauled EMT 950 BBC with TSD 15. Does anyone has the experience comparing this turntable with newer designs like VPI, LP12 etc? Thanks for sharing your experience!
Newer designs like the ...LP12?

Isn't that a contradiction in terms...
its a classic...you'll love it.
The 950 is one of EMT's direct drive turntables... if I recall correctly (and I may be wrong) it has a massive motor and a very light plastic platter, the goal being to get the table up to speed extremely fast for broadcast purposes.

I believe the idler-drive 927 and 930 are more desirable...
Also, on a side note - my earlier post was not to devaluate older tables. I would seriously consider the EMT 950 BBC against the LP12 or any VPI table.