Emotiva XSP-1 vs XSP-1 Gen 2

Compared to our modified Audio Research LS2B MKll, we tried the 1st iteration of the Emotiva XSP-1. Per "The Jazzmama" It was depth-less, flat, 2 dimensional and "uninvolving."

In comparison, how does the XSP-1 Gen 2 perform with respect to the depth, holographics, 3 dimensionality, and staging as compared to the Original.

The ERC-3 is incredible at any price. The XPR-1 monoblocks are Kilo-buck monster eliminators.
I have (2) XPR-2 amps in a second system that serves me as my party rocking machine system and I have nothing bad to say.I prefer the Emotiva over the Bryston I had previously on that system.Now I know "runnin" will come in shortly to say something against the Emotiva again.

I also like to thank "Levchappy" for his informative post on the XPR-1 monoblocks, in fact now I am convinced that my next move will be buying them as I long wanted to try them in my main system.
I had the XPA-3 amp for 3 years running flagship Paradigm speakers.

When the XPR amps came out everyone was adding up the cost of running 20 amp circuits in their homes. On the Emotiva forum, "unofficial" Emotiva reps were saying that you don't need to do that, just get a cheater plug, you'll never trip a 15 amp breaker in most cases.

Which is rather odd advice when you think of it. They say you'll never drive the amp over the 15 amp level, so why buy it if you won't use all the power? The other thing about those XPR amps is they claim they double the power at 4 ohms and are stable at 2 ohms, just like the big manufacturers. But Emotiva will not advertise the amps as such.

They just release this info on internet back channels. How odd is that. Anyone that makes an amp that is stable at 2 ohms proudly proclaims it, same with doubling your power at 4 ohms. I actually got the owner to respond in their forum, and the reason he gave for not advertising this like everyone else does, is that some people might push or abuse the amp to test this out. What??

The other thing is, 99.9% of people will never use all the watts of at least the XPR-2 and 1. It's silly power for mostly bragging rights. If you have 90 db sensitivity speakers, they'll be doing 117 decibels at 512 watts(at one meter distance) or about 120 decibels for the XPR-1. People will be screaming, running from the room, and then your speakers will blow up. So why spend for power that you'll never use, and Emotiva themselves say you won't need a 20 amp circuit? If you really want Emotiva, get the XPA-1 and at least save some money.

I've got 250 wpc in my 2 channel rig. It gets loud at a few watts, I doubt I use peaks of more than 100 watts.

My question was:

In comparison, how does the XSP-1 Gen 2 perform with respect to the depth, holographics, 3 dimensionality, and staging as compared to the Original.

Can you answer that question???

Thank you for the feedback.

I'm familiar with Bryston amplifiers. What model did you have?

Can you tell us anything else about your system?

Thanks again for sharing your experiences, TJF
I have the XPR2 amps run in a passive vertically bi amped set up .My speakers are 90 db but Need a lot of power to really drive 4 9 inch bass divers per side . I have tried with smaller amps . These move air and in turn move me .
600 wpc at 8 ohms and 1000 wpc at 4 0hms . my speaker are 8 ohm

I have 3 dedicated 20 amp lines in my room and would recommend the same if you a going to drive them hard or your speakers are 4 ohm or less .

I will definitely recommend The XPR2 amps and would imagine the XPR1 to be as impressive if not more .

The only comparison I have is a friends system with Classe omega monoblocks at 600 wpc if memory serves me correct . It was impressive but also 90,000 dollars more than my system .