Emotiva amplifiers review/experience?

Anyone had a chance to try out the Emotiva amplifiers and compare them to some of the more well known brands? How are the sound quality of the amps and how do they compare to other brands? Are they significantly worse or by some slight margin? Please let me know as I'm very interested in their products! Thank you!
compare the hafler 500 upgrade and Emotiva xpa-2 the xpa-2 it was better clear detail soundstage the only problem it was missing the tightness
I have owned two XPA 2 amps in the past, along with there USP-1 preamp. I would say it was sharp cold and bright in my system.

I replaced the Emotiva USP-1 with a older Classe model 4 preamp and the sound was so much better. It was fuller , deeper, voices sound real. There was not one positive area that the USP-1 preamp was better than the Classe 4 preamp.

I now have two Emotiva UPA-1 amps as mono-blocs. I also have a Classe model 5 preamp. And this combo sound even better the two XPA-2 amps in bridge-mode.

It has never clipped when used on my 4ohm speakers like the 2 XPA-2 amps did, and in my system sounds just as loud , dynamic and has better sound-staging and better separation. It also goes very deep in the Bass.

So to me Emotiva amps ( XPA-2, UPA-1) hold there own to amps costing alot more. And the UPA-1 mono-bloc is a giant killer, esp. when used with a Classe preamp.

I do know that the two XPA-2's in bridge-mode were not made to withstand a 2ohm load like my speakers produce at high volume. That is another reason I like the 50lb. lighter UPA-1'S amps. They just keep on going.
I have a 7 channel Emotiva MPS-1 amp. It is a caged 7 "blade" design, so each blade is essentially a digital powered monoblock. It is outstanding for home theater (200 watts per channel). It was quite satisfactory for a couple of years in two channel, but I was using a custom modded DAC with an Oppo used as a transport.

I now use a BAT-600 SE amp for two channel and the mains in HT, but I still use the MPS-1 for the other 5 channels. I hear no reason to change the Emotiva MPS-1 when used this way.
"Mtrot, I would be inserted in hearing about your experience with the McCormack DNA-1."

Elem, I received the DNA-1, but it had a loud hum issue. Incredible kudos to SMc Audio, as I had emailed them for help and they called me that very night and spoke with me for almost an hour, even though I did not buy from them. At their suggestion, I picked up a "cheater" plug, which has only two prongs. This did the trick, and confirmed that the problem was a ground loop hum, as SMc suspected. I just got the cheater plug today, so I have not yet done much critical listening.

I did try a couple different speaker cables: Goertz MI-2 Veracity and an older set of Tara Labs RSC Prime bi-wire. Speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 9i. I did not receive any Zobel networks with the Goertz and this may be a problem, in that it seems that if I crank the volume very much, I get a crackling and popping distortion. I am going to get the Zobels and try again. I will say that at low volume, the Goertz sound fabulous on vocals. Admittedly, an old design, the Tara do not suffer from any limitation on cranking the volume, but at the same time do not do much for me. They are OK, but I don't feel like they do great on the highs or on conveying the timbre and tone of music.

Now that I have solved the hum issue, I am going to do a lot more critical listening.
Emotiva - my current office system: Manley Shrimp pre, Sim Moon CD.5, Music Hall DAC 25.2, Paradigm Sig S4 V2, Sonos z90 feeding a Firstone Bravo (w/supplier power), my amps alternate between UPA-1 mono blocs and Rogue Atlas power amp. The Emotiva more than holds it own againt the Rogue (which I prefer slighty). I listen to mostly Jazz and Rock and I am very happy with system. Caution I wouldn't use a solid state pre in this set-up as it does sound slightly "etchy"...

Happy listening