EMM MTRX/2 amplifiers....Opinions?

I’ve read that EMM Labs MTRX/MTRX2 amplifiers are incredibly good and natural. (and of course very costly) I’d appreciate opinions of owners and those familiar with the sound. How would they compare with the Gryphon class A amplifiers?
Thank you!
Hi Brian , not sure you are still interested ... the MTRX mono blocks are the best sounding , and most capable amps in the World ! When fed with 30 amp circuits , as they should be , they will drive any speakers to their potential ! I have had a pair for 3 years , after a 10 year search . Heard all the most praised amps and usual suspects , CH Precision,  Soulution, Ypsilon, Bryston, Macintosh, and others... can’t believe how much better I like them ... a lot better ! They are great amps ! 
Thanks so much for the contact colekat!
MTRX Monoblocks are way too much power for my small 13 x 14 room, I’m afraid. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there’s soon (within 6-12 months) to be a 200-300 wpc dual mono stereo amplifier added to the EMM lineup. This would be perfect, not to mention ‘relatively’ affordable. Thanks, again.