EMIM from 4.5 infinity has anyone rebuilt?

I bought a pair of Infinity 4.5's with 1 bad EMIM midrange, anybody ever opened one? anybody have one they want to sell? Anybody know of anyone that rebuilds?

Hi Jvia,
I am an owner of IRS V system; please let me know if you'll know any address....
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I have rs 2.5's which use the same EMIM's, to open them you just need to unscrew the six outer screws, 2 on both sides and one on the top and bottom. They may need to be pried apart after that. The Diaphragms are sandwhiched between the two halves. I know of no one that repairs these units, Orange County Speakers is currently trying to find someone to remanufacture these diaphragms, they will put you on a waiting list. ( www.speakerrepair.com )I have four used diaphragms and four NOS diaphragms. I am going to replace my diaphragms and would be willing to let you get one of the old ones (they are in good condition) to repair your damaged one. This should help you out until new replacements are available.
scom@aol.com I would be a player on that. Let me know, i just sold a pair of 2.5's by the way I am at 615 260 9569
Try this link, they claim they have replacements
Someone over at audioasylum site in Planars section just mentioned that Layne Audio has a new source for the EMIT & EMIM drivers- only $69 and supposedly better than originals. Use the google search engine (www.google.com) and type in Layne Audio to get to their site and from there you can email them for further info. Thats what I'm going to do, as I'm curious. My Renaissance 90's are 100% but never hurts to have backups for the future as I dont intend to part with the truly superb Ren 90's anytime at all.

By the way- it might be helpful to know: an EMIT was out on one of my brother's Infinity speaker- and it wasnt the EMIT itself that was bad. Rather it was a loose solder connection in the crossover circuit. Resoldered it and problem fixed.

The hardest part in replacing these diaphragms is the VERY strong magnetic force that opposes you taking it a apart and putting a replacement in.
To evrybody who is looking for EMIM and EMIT replacements: "Layne Audio" (615)298-4124 sells modern German-designed replacements. These are made of different material which is not moisture absorbent, they are more efficient and a lot faster and clearer. They are 4 ohm drivers, physical size: 3.5" by 7 7/8" with working area of 2.5" by 6 7/8". And they are $69 a pop (!) dropping to $64 for multiples. You MAY need to increase your midrange drive resistor to compensate for slightly higher efficiency, but may be not, especially if you have a mid control. They also have tweeters at $49 ea. Say "Halleluya!" Rgds, Mark, Infinity 4.5, still one fo the best speakers in the world.
Further info on EMIM replacements. Clicking on this link will give you info from manufacturer, as well as lower price than Layne Audio. However I need one question answered: what is the crossover frequency in 4.5 at which EMIMs take over? These GB ribbons only work from 500hz and up, but VMPS who also uses them claim that they go down to 160 hz. ???
Which Link and which place has a lower price than Layne Audio?
Sorry, just noticed the link didn't go thru. It's GR Research, , they sell EMIM replacements for $59 ea. as well as a ton of other speaker parts including many different ribbons. Good luck, Mark.
The EMIM's in the RS2.5 are used in the frequency range from 300 - 5000 Hz.

The German replacements are, unfortunately, quite inferior. They are of a substandard material (coloured) and are not capable of the same frequency response. Remember the original (pre kappa) EMITs are capable of reproducing frequencies in the near 40Ks, and the SEMITS well above that. Many of the Reference series Infinity's were crossed at 150Hz (adjustable using the electronic active crossover), and these units cannot take the load. I offer this not as opinion, but as experience. Your best bet is to order a replacement ribbon from Genesis Technologies. Yes, it is expensive, but it uses the neo magnets as well as the Kapton diaphragm used in the EMITS, SEMITS, EMIT-Rs, and L-EMIMs.
I have a medium MSM Irs nine
The Stranger possible to send € 520 plus shipping

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