speakers for my rebuilt marantz 2325

I have been raising children the last 20 years,and every time I tried
to listen to music I was disturbed. I have an acceptable 3.1 for movies, but I wanted a stereo for music. I really didn't know where to start. Searching e-bay I found a nice Marantz 2325. I'm having a complete restoration done. There is not a great selection of speakers locally, so I've been looking online. I've agreed to purchase a pair of Spendor S8e speakers. Is this a match? When I first started with the idea of my own stereo, I didn't know about companies like Musical Fidelity. Had I started with the selection of the Spendors first, I might have chosen a different amp. I like the old Marantz, but I want the Spendors to sound good. I'm not an audiophile but I do like an accurate good sound. Any comments or suggestions welcome.

I believe the Marantz 2325 and the Spendor S8e should work and sound very well together, especially since you're having the Marantz completely restored. Enjoy the Music.
Vintage Klipsch work fine........
Good call! I would have never thought of the Spendor. Many of the receivers of the mid-'70s wouldn't have the power to bring any but the most sensitive speakers alive, but with 125 wpc and its smooth tonality, the 2325 should be a good match for the Spendor, and you'll be getting an excellent tuner and MM phono stage in the package.
two great picks
Marantz and KLH are also a classic combo.