Emerald Physics EP-X

Any consumers out there that have direct in home experience with the Emerald Physics EP-X speakers. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks...
I was going to start this thread but you beat me to it!

I started out with eying the ep-x but now have put my focus on the kcII.

I talked a lot with Walter at underwood and said if you have no sub go with the ex-p, but with the sub the kcII is the way to go. He said the bass is more natural on the kcII, but just not as low, (because ep-x has the tube) thus the need for a sub though you could get by without a sub if your cool about not have really low bass.

adeep42, when are you getting them? post right away if you can even without break in and you can always repost how the break in went. I am getting ready possibly to get the kcII but have no real info on them to easily pull the trigger.

The kcII and ep-x have same mid and tweet so that part is the same sonically.
Just arrived this AM. They've been running all day so maybe 10-20% broken in. I bought these to use in my soon to be much roomier new home. Currently they're about 8" off the rear wall and about 6' apart, slightly toed in. In my new place I'll have a lot more room to experiment with positioning. At first they were even closer to wall and bass was boomy. Now the bass is very controlled..They seem to have a really nice wide sound stage. This evening, after streaming from iTunes for about 5 hours, I decided to play some vinyl. Thought a good test would be VINAL PASSION's remastered "Maria Callas, the Incomparable". Sounded absolutely terrific.

I think Walter is really on to something. I don't want to compare them to Maggies, truly a different kind of speaker, but I believe, like Maggies, the value is amazing. Really do believe that you'd have to pay a ton more for a box speaker with comparable sound plus they're 93db sensitivity and made in the USA.

More to come at a later date.
Adeep42, thanks for you input. Your the first person I could find that has these and can share your thoughts on. If your only 8" from the back wall it will only get much better the more you move them out.

What speakers did they replace and what are some speakers brands that you have had in your system?

How pin point in the center are the voices?

Are you using the dsp?

What color option are they and whats your impressions on the build quality?
They're now 11" off the wall and bass is fine. Have about 20 hours on them. They are Copper faced and black. Build quality seem excellent.
Replaced B & W PM-1's which will be relocated to the BR/Office sysem on another level. Stereo imaging seems quite accurate, but will get a better read when they're really broken in. My hifi days started when I was in high school in the late fifties. First speaker was a Stevens made in CA. While demands of work and family were manageable had AR's, Dynaco's and then Allison's. Only got back to vinyl and high fidelity a few years ago.
Thanks so much for all the great information. Keep it coming if you can. I will also talk with Walter and explain my room and preferences. I am not a low end under 30 hz bass fan unless very very subtle. Thanks again...
adeep42, why such a long hiatus from audio? The copper are the ones I plan to go with if I end up choosing the Emerald Physics KC II which are similar to the ex-2 except some differences in the bass dept. The black just does not do it for me as the copper brings some interest and contrasts to the speakers.

How does the cooper inlay look?

Has anyone compared the ex-2 to the Spatial hologram open baffle speakers? Seems to be lots of great owners of them.
The copper looks great, at least to me. The girl friend gets to see it over the weekend. Feminine view might be different, but that's okay. No more wives, only girl friends.

Hiatus from good audio concurrent with demanding work schedules and family demands plus the advent of CDs. I'm over all that now.

Don't know any thing about Spatial Hologram.

Best to all.
Those EP-2 look truly great in your living room!

Have they opened up more for you? Still liking them?
Well, I believe the EP-X's are pretty much broken in. They sound excellent to me. Great soundstage with accurate instrumental location. They might be a tad warm on the top end, but, on balance, sound is great. This week end we had the girl friend test. First off, she loved the look and the copper finish. Most importantly, she's a music lover and has a really good ear. She thought they sounded super. Next big test in about 5 or 6 weeks. New apartment with much more room and big equipment reorganization. I'm expecting really good results.