Electrocompaniet , Resolution Audio & Wadia

Thanks to the members here, I have been able to narrow my search down to these three players.
Can anyone compare the 'house' sound of these companies ?

Thank You
Saki70, I have heard CDPS from both Electrocompaniet and Wadia, not from Resolution Audio, and would share the following regarding their sonic signatures: The Electrocompaniet is very "lush" sounding with very good clarity and extension, but more towards the warm and tube-like perspective. The Wadia is very detailed, dynamic, and is still smooth sounding but not as warm sounding as the Elctrocompaniet. Besides your personnal taste, I think it would come down to system matching/synergy in deciding which would be the best for your ear's.
Thanks Teajay. What type of music have you used on those two CDP's ? I would be listening to classic rock .
Anyone else ?
Saki70, the music was totally acoustic jazz, small groups and big band, along with electric blues and vocals.
I finally sold my awesome Emc-1 last year after purchasing the Opus 21. I played them side by side for a while. I was reluctant to sell the Electrocomp because it is great(and I would agree w/ Teajay regarding the sonic). But to me, the Resolution is a bit more life like, without ever sounding "digital". It is a player that is very hard to beat fot the money.
Thank you Rg. What type of music do you listen to ?

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