Electrocompaniet ECI 4

Anyone know anything about this amp or the company? I heard it the other day. It sounded pretty good. I thinking of matching it with my dynaudio 1.3 Mk II's. How does it match up with other amps in its price range (~$3000)?

Had the earlier eci-3 and tried it with the dyns 1.1. The dyns being hungry in power as we all know, the eci3 couldn't quite bring it out.

On the other hand the eci4 i believe is 120 watts so that might be a different animal.

personally though having used a plinius 8150 with the 1.1s-for about a year, Id heartily recommend the plinius 8150i.

On not so difficult load speakers, I'd still put my hats on the plinius, the electroconpaniet is tad slower but also warmer. Tube like sounding in short. The plinius being more transparent, faster and more detailed.
i tink the electro amps are as good as it gets for solid-state. i currently use a pair of aw60ftt's in a vertically-biamped set-up w/excellent results. i am not familiar w/their integrated amps, tho. i have an older electro preamp - the ec-1a, which is wery nice, but it doesn't compare w/my current melos preamp. the rogue magnum 99 & the cary slp98, which were auditioned & lost out to the melos, were better also, than the electro preamp, imho. it's that toob-thing. but, the electro preamp, at ~12 years old, may be significantly different than their gnu product. their older amps have a remarkable similarity to their later amps, tho.

hope this helps, doug s.