Elac speakers

who is using the Elac speakers right now
what is your amplification for the elac
i just got a pair of FS 207.2
thanks norman
I had a pair of the tiny 101 bookshelf monitors and they were surprisingly good for the money. How do the 207.2 compare to your 926? I know the FS series needs lots of power to get enough bass to balance out the treble - otherwise they can sound bright and analytical.

hi the elac does not need a lot of power as my amp is the odyssey
stratos / 150 w into 8ohm
i trade in my alon for a brand new pair of fs 207.2 at a very
good price// you know the euro is high
it is not broken in since i got it last friday but i do not feel extra brightness with the JET 3 tweeter
it is guite airy
926 is good but i cannot compare the elac with it right now
except that the bass of the 926 is better because of the number of drivers and the size

i think one should compare the 210/ 209.2 with the jmlab
the elac is a bit lean right now
thanks norman
I have the FS 68. I agree they line a lot of current by mine are fine in bass, after the break-in. Takes a while. I use Thule audio integrated amp and it works well. I use Purist audio cables so brightness is minimized. I am really happy with these, they really are engaging.
I am purchasing the Elac 248's and my dealer is using McCormack DNA 225 and says he loves this combo. I instead will be using an Emotiva XPA-5 once I get these speakers...He was very convinced that would be enough amplification and I trust him fully...I havent heard your combo yet so cant comment on that
when you get it all together post some reviews on here and audioreview.com Elac needs more press in North America.