EL34 Replacement Tubes

Seasons greetings fellow A'goners.Of the current production EL34 tubes who has the warmest midrange & a VERY slightly laid back treble?Thanks much & have a great week.
I would recommend

Gold Lion KT-77 reissue
Winged C (svetlana) EL-34
JJ Tesla EL 34
Second the reissue KT77s.
I second the Winged C El34s, matched by Jim McShane. These work wonderfully well in my Music Reference RM9 Special Edition. For an even better tube (at twice the price) I would get the Siemens NOS EL34s from Ram Labs before they are all gone -- though I would say the Winged Cs are warmer.
You can also get the Winged C that are cryo'd and are warmer still......
I like the Winged "C" tube for those characteristics,plus they're very musical.The last time I recommended them,a lot of people said they have to much treble loss.I guess it depends on what makes your ears happy. The second choice is Tesla(now JJ) but those could be bright in some systems.The Tesla branded ones don't have as much of the bright characteristic.