Eidolon or Eclipse Classic

Am able to buy a Eidolon for 9k and a Eclipse Classic for 5k.
Anybody compared both speakers?
Never heard the Eidolon, but the Classic with a top tube amp and a Wadia player sounded very very nice.
I think the Eidolon will be better, but is it worth the higher price?
And how about the Ascendent for 5k?
Thanks for your comments
Certainly a three way will be better and worth 4K (provided you like the lightweight Accuton C79 Ceramic mid and you have a medium to large room).
I don't know which Eidolon you're talking about, but all the Eidolons are a big step ahead of the Classics. What the Classics do good the Eidolons do extremely well and the differnce in price is worth it.The Eidolons are in a different league. I've owned the Eclipse and Classic the past years. An audio-friend ownes a pair Of Eidolons and we did a lot of comparing. Allways driven with OTL's ( Graaf GM20's and GM200). They all need a lot of high quality power. Goodluck with your choice.
Thanks for your comments.

It`s the original Eidolon ( not the Vison or Diamond), 3 years old.