Manley NEO-Classic 250 vs 500


I want to buy Manley NEO-Classic 250 or 500 monos.
Which one is better?
Better how?
250 or 500 Neo-classic?
Better in what way?
bass, energy, speed, stroke, hit, dynamism, transparency, detail, natural, etc.
The 500 is superior in the aspects of sound you specified, and with twice the power it excels at driving difficult speaker loads. The 250 has a generally warmer tonal balance in comparison. The choice is ultimately dependent upon your listening priorities and the speakers you select.
What speakers are you going to be using with the amps?

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Bill_k, thank you for your comment!

Goldprintaudio, I have The Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario speakers.
After a quick look at the specs on your Fabers, I think you would be good with either amp option.

As Bill_k mentioned above, the 500 would most likely deliver more of what you are looking for, if price is not a factor.

Both are fantastic amps!
What can you say about VITUS audio RS-100 stereo power amplifier compared to Manley Neo-classic 250 monos?
I've personally never heard the Vitus.
Have you given any thought to Carver Tube amplifiers that were recently positively reviewed in The Absolute Sound?

There are a couple active threads running on this page of Amps Preamps.
I am just purchasing Neo500,I can¨t wait till they arrive.I will use them with Tannoy Westminsters Royal(pre HE and SE versions).I heard McItosh 2301 yestarday,was great.i am hoping that Neo500 will come close.Any thoughts?
They arrived and I am suprised they play on doffrent level then McIntosh 2301 and old Manley 240REF.I suppose is due to using KT90EH tubes which produce diffrent sound alltogether.It is brighter therefore more 3d sound,some recordings are not easy listening,for someone it is plus because it brings more resolution,it produce great bass and excellent PRAT!!!!!!Sounds very musical and alive.
I am auditioning Neo500 and it sounds wonderful. I don't have a chance to audition MC2301. It looks like you quickly went from Manley 500 to 2301. Could you explain why and describe differences between the two? Thanks.
Phoenixatdawn.Yes I have changed them very quickly.I am so happy with 2301,they sound awesome on all recordings regardless the style,so much more realism and sounding very natural with better...,well everything is better.I am not nervous anymore just enjoying music in a big style,check Audioaficionado forum(Zappadaddy).