Eggleston Andra to Andra II Upgrade?

Anybody have any experience with the older version Andra as well as the newer Andra II. Eggleston has an upgrade program and I was wondering if the difference was worth the effort...not to mention the expense. I've had my Andras for a few years now and have been quite satisfied...but you know the deal. You always want it to be more betterer...even when it's pretty damn good already.
I did a long review of this upgrade on Audiogon last year. It should answer most of your questions. The upgrade is the best dollar for dollar expenditure you could possibly make to your system.
I am myself owning a pair of Andras. Did you upgrade yours to the 2 ? What do you have as preamp + amps because the Andras speakers need a lot of power ? I have myself Pass Labs Aleph 1.2 monoblocks + Conrad Premier 14 but I am not satisfied entirely !!

Thanks in advance

Gandrier: Yes, I upgraded to the II's. II's need much less power than I's, but I have McIntosh MC-501's, which will drive anything within reason. Preamp is a Rowland Synergy IIi.
One thing to consider is the upgraded speakers retain the Andra I's single binding posts rather than the dual posts that come standard on new Andra II's.

I was unaware of this when I bought a used pair of upgraded Andra II's and was surprised I couldn't bi-wire them as I'd originally planned.

They sound wonderful anyway, so it's no big deal.
Actually, Gary, Eggleston gives you your choice when you upgrade for no extra charge. I asked for bi-wire terminals and got them.
I owned Andras orginal version some years back, great speaker, lots of detail, energy and high POO ratio.

I upgraded my current Avalon Eclipse Classic with new tweeter drivers and improved a lot. This should be the case with the II upgrade for the Andras.