Efficient monitors to match Air Tight ATM-4 ?

I am looking for a pair or easy to drive monitors or small 2 way floor standers to mate with my Air Tight ATM-4 amp (about 24 watts per channel) - Rest of system is Ayre CX-7 CDP through a Placette passive and Pure Note Cerulean I/Cs.

I am currently using some Red Rose R3s speakers whihc work quite well but ideally I would like to find a speaker with minimal cross-over and in the region of a true 88-90 DB efficiency - I am considering the Devore Gibbon 8, the Ref 3A de Capo is but really welcome any other thoughts -

Do a google search and check out review of the German Odeon Model 17.Not going to be easiest to find used as they have not caught on fire here and only have 7 dealers in US.But they give taste of what you would hear if you had a big room 1o grand and 15 watt 300B tube amp to fire up AvanteGardes.I got mines used for less than $1000 though they list for $2800.91 Db efficient speaker that may do it for you in smaller room.Liked mine so much I bought the 93db efficient Tosca floorstander which I run with an EAR 50 watt which of course is more power than you can run through them.
reference 3a decapo i and come to audiocircle.com and look at the decapo owners chat site for more info.Also look at my system on this site.Good luck
The German Odeon speakers are great, i own a pair of Odeon Nova and they match gteat with my Air Tight ATM-1 amp. Look at www.odeon-audio.de. The designer Axel Gersdorff is a great guy and always prepared to help you.
Coincident or silverline: efficient, stable speakers designed for tubes.